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Girl on a Fence

For a while this morning, I’ve been wandering around the house peering into old stacks of magazines, looking for something to sketch.   So far, all I’ve come up with is a woman sitting on a fence.  I like her pose because it seems to me she’s about to jump down and run off somewhere. 

10 thoughts on “Girl on a Fence”

  1. Is that your sketch or a sketch from the magazine? Watch out for those “copy rites”. It looks goodish but the fence needs a bit more structure in my opinion to be a fence instead of a diving platform or loading dock.

    The title makes it a fence and adds curiosity. http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/on+the+fence

    Is she deciding whether the car slowing down is a safe “John” to service or another Congressman or a Judge like last week?


  2. Any picture can become a T.A.T., this one being no exception. It is a fascinating one, rather minimalist yet so full of possible meanings. It would be fun to use it in a group of creative writing exercize.


  3. @ Curtis: The model for the sketch is from a magazine. I’m not worried about copyright here — I’ve modified the thing by at least 30%.

    @ Squirrel: That’s an interesting point. But now that you mention it, I do think this picture lends itself to that use.

    @ Paul: Creative writing? Yes, that would be perfect for it!


  4. I don’t know why the first two things i noticed about this girl were:

    1- Why her breasts are lower than expected although she is young.

    2- The color under her skirt is too dark. 😀 lol


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