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The Sane Human

“The sane human being is satisfied that the best he/she can do at any given moment is the best he/she can do at any given moment.”

“Such sanity is, unfortunately, rare.”

– David Bayles

11 thoughts on “The Sane Human”

  1. I think I made a mistake in the title I chose for this blog post. The quote really isn’t all that much about human sanity, as the title suggests. Instead, it’s about doing our best. Doing our best is different than working to perfection. It is also different than slacking off. The quote, so far as I can see, is trying to say that we should be content to do our best.


  2. When our kids were in school we used to tell them we did not ask for the impossible, “just do your best” we told them. The three ended up being perfectionists, never quite «content» with their performances.


  3. Just so; it’s a good day when you realize that when you’ve really done all that you can do, you don’t have to go on trying to do the things that just can’t be done.


  4. Hi,
    I saw your post/quote in the Mental and Emotional health category. Just wanted to say I like this quote. I’m not sure how this quote could cause perfectionism. Seems to me that it leads more to acceptance. Sometimes, when I have felt like I either didn’t make the best choice (in the past) or maybe I’m not perfect in the present, realizing I’m doing the best I can do is a healthy thought. Sometimes our best may not be so great or may not change something we are trying to change, but I believe we do what we can or the best we can with the knowledge and experience we have in that moment or time.


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