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Love is Subversive

No matter how forcefully we are told, “Love is potentially subversive of all human customs, laws, morals, and prejudices”, we still need to experience love before the radical truth of that statement hits home.  Otherwise, we grasp the truth of it poorly, if we manage to grasp the truth of it at all.

I think it might be that we don’t want something we consider to be a good (i.e. love) to subvert other things we consider to be good (i.e. our favored customs, laws, morals, and prejudices).  We might understand the good subverting the bad, but the good subverting the good just doesn’t sit right with us.  Consequently, we must experience it to believe it.

Yet, regardless of why the truth about love is opaque before we experience the reality of it for ourselves, few things in this world are more remarkable than the power of love to undermine the world of customs, laws, morals, and prejudices that we have created or that has been created for us.  Perhaps it is only because love can subvert our world, that it can also renew, refresh, and redeem it.

2 thoughts on “Love is Subversive”

  1. Because my girlfriend and I got to know each other in Hebrew class, and because my parents accidentally ran into a Hebrew New Testament (quite a curiosity!), they gave a copy of it to her. My mom wrote ‘old or new, both based on love’ in it, on which my dad wrote underneath ‘based on love, everything is new’.

    My dad has died in the mean time. Your post made me think of his comment.


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