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A New Sex Study from the AARP

Yesterday, the AARP released a study on the sex lives of American adults, 45 years old, or older.  Among many other things, the study found that, “Respondents who had a partner but weren’t married had sex more frequently and with more satisfaction than respondents who were married.”  That finding flies in the face of the notion that, for most people, marital sex is the most satisfying sex.

The study is full of interesting little twists and observations like that one, and I recommend reading about it.  A good summary can be found here

If other studies bear out the AARP’s finding that for most people married sex is less satisfying than unmarried sex, it will surely confuse those of us who piously want marriage to in every way be the most desireable option.  But that’s life: Nothing is perfect.  Still, I confess I was a bit surprised by that finding since sex with my second wife was not only the best in my life, but it was also always getting better.   So, I would have thought the AARP would find sex between unmarried people was less satisfying than married sex. 

I think you will have fun reading about the study.  It’s full of little surprises.

4 thoughts on “A New Sex Study from the AARP”

  1. AARP studied SEX? I thought sex ended at 40? Hmmm well almost ended anyway.
    Enjoyment of sex in a marriage can be more preferable than unmarried sex and is usually. There is absolutely not usually a fear of disease or need to perform in comparison to another. The fact that one partner prefers a type sexual activity can be learned.
    The study was interesting but was not nearly scientific enough. Marital histories were not considered. Men are basically still driven to spread their genealogical data than older women as would have been be a nontheist. It is purely logical that sex drives are higher for men than they are for older and infertile women. The aging women would be acting only logically to discontinue attempting to reproduce and thereby endangering their health.


  2. I read that study. I also found a full-page ad in my latest AARP Bulletin for what portrays itself as sex ed for seniors, but which sounds a lot like elder-porn. Tsk-tsk.


  3. I am retired,and sex has been nonexistant since my wife had a double mastectomy,but even prior to that,approaching for sex was not easy,and I did pass the comment which I had heard before,that getting married was good,as you get free sex for life,and i was told that I had another think coming to me on that.
    I saw a stage play once,a comedy,where the husband said that when they go to bed at night and he anticipates sex,she only lies there like a log.Her reply was that it is her body,and she wants to have some say in what happens to it.
    It all comes back to routine,and the old familiar sight which has been viewed many times before.One chap was giving advice to a younger bloke who was recently engaged,that he had to get all that he could while he could, because after the marriage there would not be much available at all.
    So be it.
    Incidentally,I do not find young teeny boppers at all sexy,just beanpoles,and mos have no shape like a mature woman.


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