A Bumper Sticker

Just the other day, an acquaintance of mine saw this bumper sticker on the back of a pick up truck:

“Tired of hearing those crazy voices?  Turn off Fox News!”

6 thoughts on “A Bumper Sticker”

  1. It is always a joy when you see a bumper sticker that is actually witty. Haha.

    Hope they don’t get their truck keyed or something!


  2. this town is about the last on earth you’d expect to see a sticker like that one!

    You mean Denver? Do they ALL out there watch Fox News then more or less? I have it here too, and I consider it the decadence of American TV. I was in love with CNN at the beginning of the 90s.


  3. I wouldn’t make it 2 miles down 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach with that on my hindquarters. I’m starting to worry about how many folks from various states have said the same sort of thing recently. Where did all the Obama voters go?


  4. Man of Roma: The town is actually Colorado Springs, which is a 60 minute drive south of Denver. I suspect the Springs has more than its proper share of Fox News watchers. Denver, though, is much more liberal.


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