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The Clowns are Tearing down Colorado Springs

This town, Colorado Springs, got national mention last night on Keith Olbermann’s “Countdown” news program.  Olbermann noted some of the financial problems our mayor and city council were having during the current recession.  He then went on to reveal the mayor and city council, despite the town’s financial problems, had turned down millions in Federal aide for purely ideological reasons — i.e. they turned down the aide because the Federal aide “added to the US deficit”. 

I guess I agree with Olbermann on this one.  I think it’s bad enough the mayor and city council have laid off 530 city workers, turned off half the street lights at night to save money, quit picking up trash in the city parks, cut back on fire and police protection, and have taken several other draconian cost cutting  measures to make ends meet.  But for the mayor and council to turn down $42 million in Federal aide when the town is hurting — turn it down for mere ideological reasons — well, that’s the work of clowns.  I cannot guarantee those clowns understand how hard the recession has hit the average person in this town, nor even that they truly understand what the Federal deficit is all about.  It seems their understanding of the deficit comes from Fox News, rather than from reputable economists.


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