What Law of Nature is Responsible for This One?

How come I can have over 40,000 sheets of various and different art papers lying around my apartment, but not even one of them is a sufficient size of bristol for a work I am desperate to complete?  What law of nature dictates that will happen?

6 thoughts on “What Law of Nature is Responsible for This One?”

  1. Same law that dictates when you finally get home with the right size of paper you will discover the brushes you had hoped to use are still covered in wax from a forgotten batik project.


  2. The same one that causes even the most devoted nontheist to find themselves seeking God/Allah/Jesus/Bozo.

    When paper, brushes, and paint are at the ready, the inspiration to complete the artwork will no longer exist except as a shadow of its former self. The “magnum opus” that was desperate to escape will have been lost.

    As humanity becomes more intellectually advanced there will always be a “law” that causes a completely logical mind to seek an answer not supported in any way by logic or to seek God/Allah/Jesus/Bozo.

    Ironically, it is the same law that causes the theist to as often consider logic to be preferable to God/Allah/Jesus/Bozo.

    I consider it evidence that God/Allah/Jesus/Bozo never gives up.


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