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Internalizing the Imperial Collapse of the United States

“It’s easy to say and easy to document, but quite difficult to really internalize, that the United States is in the process of imperial collapse.”

Glenn Greenwald

I suppose one could argue that the “imperial collapse of the United States” is the biggest thing going on in world politics today.  But if so, I have to agree with Greenwald that it is still damn hard to internalize it.  Maybe that’s because no one at this point really knows where it’s all going to end.

For instance,  as of September 23, 2010, the United States ranked forty-ninth for both male and female life expectancy combined, down from 24th place as recently as 1999.   Well, one asks, does our declining life expectancy end there, or will will we slip even further in the rankings?  It’s hard to internalize what is still unsettled.

To some large extent, I’ve made my peace with the imperial collapse of the United States.   I have an image of some people being surprised the day the inevitable barbarian hordes capture Washington — “Jesus, Claude!  How’d that happen?  I thought we were number one.”  —  but when that day — or its equivalent — comes, I don’t expect to be among those who didn’t see it coming and who have not, in any way, prepared themselves for it.  Yet, perhaps oddly, my having made some measure of peace with what’s happening to the US  has not at all helped me to internalize it.  Glenn Greenwald is right.   It’s as if both the significance of, and the facts of, what is happening are too large and too many for anyone to competently grasp.

But does anyone think they have managed to internalize what’s going on?

11 thoughts on “Internalizing the Imperial Collapse of the United States”

  1. Intellectually, I understand it and can even recognize what seems like inevitability.

    However, I think that most Americans, myself included, have internalized the message of America as a never-ending progress machine leading the world into the future. Public education and the media seem to spend time assuring that we have that incorporated into our subconscious.

    Perhaps because of this influence, or maybe regardless, the optimistic, or the naive youthful, part of me still has hope that things could turn around. The US has had some truly good* and revolutionary ideas and practices. And my home state is still full of a natural beauty that I don’t want to have to abandon in favor of another country (although, Canada is not a horrible alternative to here).

    *Of course, good is subjective.


  2. The United States is not doomed to collapse by any stretch of the word collapse. Not being number one in any certain subject is absolutely irrelevant. The common belief that failure to be the best country on Earth is significant only in reinforcing the fact that the United States has always instilled grandiose delusions in citizens.

    Great Britain has done very well without the colonies that rebelled as have most nations in Europe.One misconception of many living today is that the Earth is within three generations of the “end”.

    Luke 21:32 “Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled” is the reason this belief exists. The United States will always be an ally of Israel for religious reasons also founded in that book.

    Earth’s Bible readers will eventually realize that creation of Israel in 1948 was not what was meant by the Luke 21:32 comment and begin to accept a duty to prepare for all future generations regardless of how far ahead that may be. This realization is not likely to occur until November 23 2068 at around 13:23 CST plus or minus 900 years. This is an accentuation and mocking of the widely held belief that humanity ceases to exist on the Earth by divine causation.

    Atheist do not believe this “end”. I am not an atheist yet believe it is the duty of even those who believe in Jesus to prepare to exist into perpetuity. Dependence on oil for energy has been wrong from the start and the belief that God will return before it all burns up is idiotic.

    The belief that the United States is headed for a collapse is also idiotic. What nation in history collapsed and why? If you consider not being number one a collapse then the collapse occurred long ago.

    The United States will always exist but the way it exists today would be thought a collapse by many of our grandparents. Internalize that and accept that words such as collapse have no validity when referring to any impending event due to being true continually.



  3. Astasia, maybe we’ll end up like Great Britain. That wouldn’t be the worse possible outcome.

    Curtis, have you asked yourself whether you are thinking with your heart or with your head when you deny the Imperial US will collapse?


  4. May I recommend an excellent book on this subject: “Colossus, the rise and fall of the American Empire”, by Niall Ferguson, Penguin Press, 2004. At the time of publication, Professor Ferguson taught History at Harvard University, was senior research Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford and senior Fellow of the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
    He retraces the events of American history and has tables and statistics to back his argumentation.
    343 pages excluding the bibliography (pp 344 to 366) and index (pp 367 to 386). Well written and documented.
    @Astasia: welcome to Canada, many Americans have already chosen our country as quite a few Canadians have gone to the U.S.A…some are coming back.


  5. Oops, That was an error. I used that URL originally to monitor referrals and at the same time promote my litigation. I forgot it was still there and I will try to fix it – at least now it is a 404 error.


  6. I would rather talk of genteel decline. Decline or collapse, I know it isn’t easy to internalize. But pls relax. Italians for example both collapsed and declined long ago and continue in this direction, but we live pretty well all the same.


  7. Man of Roma, That’s an excellent point! I can see us doing that as a country, provided we don’t do something stupid to screw it up. I suppose a lot will depend on how our authoritarians react to our decline.


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