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How Good of a President is Obama?

What do you think?  As a Progressive, Obama is a failed president.  But as a Blue Dog Democrat, or even a moderate Republican, he’s actually pretty good.

12 thoughts on “How Good of a President is Obama?”

  1. I feel that I want someone more progressive like a Kucinich. But considering what could happen if I don’t vote for Obama, such that tea party nuts get elected, I am happy to vote for Obama. Yes he hasn’t been perfect but has still done one hell of a job and has accomplished a lot so far.


  2. As a realist, no. Not for a few more years. But as an optimist, I think a progressive will fair better now. Without realizing it Obama opens the door for a real progressive because us liberals realize Obama is too moderate for us and not what we completely want.


  3. Yours strikes me as a very shrewd opinion, Webs. I completely agree that a genuine progressive might not get into the presidency for years. Moreover, I am fascinated by your point that Obama’s presidency could open the door for a real progressive. Thanks!


  4. Obama has done a brilliant job of that thing I voted for him for, which was not being John McCain. And as a progressive, well remember that every tuna sandwich he eats is endlessly opposed by conservatives. He isn’t Superman; one wonders what he could accomplish if other Democrats had as much spine as everyone seems to wish Obama himself had.


  5. Thanks, George! I’ve been wondering ever since I posted the question what your view of Obama was now that he’s been in office for a while. It seems I’m having the hardest time making up my mind about him. My opinion seems to change from moment to moment.


  6. I’m in the same boat with George. Yes a lot of us were disappointed because we thought we were getting a progressive, but the more important thing right now is keeping dingbats outs. Keep the eye on the prize.


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