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Joanna Macy on “The Refusal to Feel”

“The refusal to feel takes a heavy toll. Not only is there an impoverishment of our emotional and sensory life, flowers are dimmer and less fragrant, our loves less ecstatic, but this psychic numbing also impedes our capacity to process and respond to information. The energy expended in pushing down despair is diverted from more creative uses, depleting the resilience and imagination needed for fresh visions and strategies.”

Joanna Macy

2 thoughts on “Joanna Macy on “The Refusal to Feel””

  1. I don’t know.

    One is quite dismayed by the thrillingly cloying syllables of Madam Christine O’Donnell which border on hysteria.

    As does Sarah Palin. Or Michele Bachmann.


  2. I’m guilty of this, at times. But, I preach this message to my clients, frequently. And, fortunately, it is actually a philosophy of the agency I work for, as well. Not many other places I know of actively encourage their employees to feel their feelings and process their vicarious trauma.


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