9 thoughts on “Every Government!”

  1. There’s some part of me that loves this – loves that rebellious anti-government, anti-establishment rhetoric. But, much of that part has been crushed since that seems to be the home of the right wing tea partiers, now.


  2. Big deal!

    Every human being is an accomplished liar. It’s a basic part of human nature and, actually, a tactic necessary for survival.

    Most politicians are simply more accomplished liars.


  3. We tend to practice the scorch and burn policy when attempting change. It’s the pendulum law. Of course stopping the pendulum also stops the clock but surely should we try humbly and strongly enough we could do it…but it will not be in our, at least, in my lifetime.


  4. Follow-up to that post I just made:

    Actually, I get more angry when someone is a poor liar (ex: GWB). I’d prefer they’d assume I was smart enough to see through obvious lies.


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