Under the Weather…

I’ve been feeling under the weather this past day or two.   I don’t think it’s anything serious.   I think it’s just that we are getting our first chilly, overcast days of Fall here.  Does anyone else get down a bit when that happens?

3 thoughts on “Under the Weather…”

  1. I get also. It’s been raining all the time here in Rome since 4-5 days, and the temperature dropped swiftly. We all feel like we have a flu, although we don’t have any. ‘Feeling under the weather’ is a nice expression. Evocative.


  2. @ Man of Roma: Sorry to hear how you’ve been feeling! I guess we’re pretty much in the same boat, although I’ve been feeling a little bit better this afternoon than I have the past two days or so. I hope it gets better for you soon.

    @ Maikita: Thank you! I do indeed feel a bit better today. 🙂


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