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It seems Glenn Beck is Most Popular in Utah, Idaho, and Mongolia

Here are a couple of maps  showing precisely where in the world Glenn Beck’s fans live, according to a study of Facebook data using Fan Page Analytics:

This superb work was done by the blogger Profxm, who posts over at Main Street Plaza,  a highly respected site on all things Mormon.

Check out the discussion to be found here of why Beck is so popular in Mongolia and elsewhere.   I found the comment referenced by Chino Blanco, and the remarks made by Kuri to be especially helpful.  But the whole conversation on Profxm’s post is quite interesting.


Perhaps you have known someone who was just too smart to believe Glenn Beck’s nonsense, but who believed in it anyway? Kuri has put up an insightful blog post on how the Dunning-Kruger Effect might explain why people who are not across-board-morons can still fall head over heels for Beck’s nonsense.  It’s worth checking out here.

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