In the Darkness, an Explosion of Stars

It could be the miles of open space, for instance.  Or the huge elk herd, the bald eagles and the sandhill cranes.  Or perhaps even the stars — for at night, the sky above the San Luis Valley explodes with the music of light.

But whatever it is, whatever is causing my longing, I’m missing the Valley.

That makes me wonder: Where would you go today, if you could go anywhere?

12 thoughts on “In the Darkness, an Explosion of Stars”

  1. The God who is as real as you are and as real as the stars are is what you are missing. Your IQ is not negatively impacted by belief that requires faith. It will answer the questions you are perpetually battling. If you need to talk to another hyper-intellectual you may call four seven nine two six three four seven nine five and I will listen. I have a speech difficulty but am a good listener.


  2. Livingston, Montana.

    Fayetteville’s OK, too, I guess, but since I already did summer band camp there as a youngster, I’d just as soon – in the spirit of the OP – leave the razorbacks behind and remove myself to Big Sky country, i.e., Livingston. Specifically, The Murray Hotel.


  3. There is a beautiful place right on the California coast, a few miles north of Gualala on Highway 1. We rent a lovely little home there with its own $1,000,000 view of the ocean. Sea lions often congregate on a nearby beach and there is a lot to explore. Abalone in abundance. Wineries and tasting parties.

    We’ve gone there a couple of times including the week following a particularly stressful one involving various failed efforts (i.e. passive aggression, guilt, tears, exclusion, sermons, cold shouldering, fervent testimonies, etc. etc.) to save my soul by the “good Christians” (aka “my family”) who behaved abominably toward me at my daughter’s wedding. That peaceful California cottage was a lovely place to unwind, to read gentle voices of reason, and to escape from the rabidly religious.


  4. Thank you for your concern, Curtis, but I think I might have some news for you: You cannot have god. God is nothing you can buy or possess, even with a “personal relationship”. So, please quit pulling my leg. It’s unbecoming and you might someday confuse a child or two with your notions.


  5. CD, the home north of Gualala sounds lovely! But Jeebers! You once suffered enough to get there!

    Forgive me, but it sounds like your relatives deserved to be shot at dawn for what they did to you. That level of rudeness astonishes me.


  6. Mr Sunstone,
    You are welcome if I was actually concerned. I, however, do not care if you believe in God or reject god. Your disbelief has no affect on me whatsoever. Had you called I would not mention god at all as you have already chosen and I respect that. “kistians” who are rude like the wedding guests above do more damage than imaginable. They are, in-fact, anti-Christians. Here is a simple logical proof that God made mistakes. In the stories called the Bible, angels were given “free will” and one rejected God. This angel is therefore famous and has a special name. Satan.
    God, nevertheless, made humans with the same design flaw or mistake. God is not able to do “anything” as is often implied by the “rabidly religious” and Baptists in general. God can’t force you to accept Him. Humanity is not a pet who can’t choose. You can choose and then change your mind. Some ‘brands’ of ‘god-fearing’ folk disagree.

    The ‘rabidly religious’ convince more people to reject God than you or all the sites that wear the ‘scarlet letter’ A combined.


  7. Thank you for understanding, Curtis. I appreciate both your interest in helping me and your unwillingness to rudely proselytize. For whatever it’s worth, I do not feel bad off these days and so I do not feel at the moment that I need any help. But it’s very kind of you to offer it.

    I think you are insightful to see that the “rabidly religious” convince more people to reject deity than all the atheist sites on the net. That would be my guess too.


  8. San Francisco. Where I live right now is fine, but there is no place in America more beautiful, and no place I’d rather be than the Bay Area.


  9. The people generally, the buildings (not just the houses, but they too), and the public transportation. I was once a regular, and devoted patron of a few fantastic bookstores back in the day.


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