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The Hidden Game in American Politics?

“The Wall Street boys wrecked the economy with their greed and ineptitude and now they intend to make ordinary workers pay for it with cuts to Social Security and Medicare.”

Dean Baker

Is Baker onto the hidden game in American politics?

Sadly, the more I read about it, the more I suspect he is.

At least, it’s either the hidden game, or there’s more than one very well funded plot afoot in this country at the moment.  I say that, although I am very reluctant to make too much of the notion that American politics is these days dominated by well funded hidden plots.

On the other hand, who can deny that the billionaire, Pete Peterson, for example, is pumping money into a scheme to destroy social security?

But what do you think?

2 thoughts on “The Hidden Game in American Politics?”

  1. Certainly. Leftie buzzphrases for sometime now have been on how the rich stay rich: they socialize risk and privatize profit, the biggest game in town.


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