Whatever You Own, Also Owns You

For years, I’ve said (mostly to myself), “Whatever you own, also owns you.”  This morning I woke up curious where I got that expression from?  Did I adopt it from someone?  And, if so, who?  I can’t recall.

So, if you have ever heard the expression, or you also know the source of it, then please tell me what you know!  I’d very much like to solve the mystery.

7 thoughts on “Whatever You Own, Also Owns You”

  1. Mr. Sunstone, as it now appears, you are the source of that quote or, more correctly, the first known person who said it out loud. If you translated it to French or Latin or German or some other language, you might find other sources.


  2. Interesting! Thank you for running that down, Karen!

    I think even if I’m the first to say it in just that way, the idea has been around for a long time, in many places and lands, and I am certainly not the first to notice that what you own owns you.


  3. I’ve also used this expression for years and recall that when I first saw it it was cited as an American Indian proverb,(Hopi or Navajo, I don’t recall which). Whatever it’s source it’s appropriateness to the materialistic society in which we live is undeniable.


  4. I lived this truth, and I’m flabbergasted that this of the first page to come up. I was rich and poor and what I have learned in my life and I totally stick to it is that whatever you own your own see you. I have been the happiest in my life being poor. When I had everything I ever wanted I was miserable. True that.


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