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“The Hands Remember” by Paul Sunstone

The hands remember
More than the mind your skin

They think of their own will,
“This was the shape of her”,

When they find themselves cupped
Or curled in a certain loose way

Around the curves
Of you no longer here:

The left hand
Especially so.

Yes, I know
My left hand
Knew you one way,

While my right hand
Knew you another.

Was either best?


2 thoughts on ““The Hands Remember” by Paul Sunstone”

  1. Nice poem giving two “hands” the ability to remember an experience differently. This fact is either accepted by faith or the poem is ineffectual. The mind of the hand owner owns both hands and has a different perception of the sensations but the hands do not remember anything. It is a nice poem …. regardless, Thanks for sharing.


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