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So, What Happens Next?

I think after things have cooled down, after the country is well enough past the egotistical gloating on the one hand and the stupid excuses on the other, the political scientists will find this election an especially interesting one to review and to analyse.   The exit of so many people from the coalition that elected Obama.  The rise of the Tea Party.  The importance of silent money.  And so forth, are just some of the themes I expect to be written about, and debated again and again.

Yet, at the moment, I am not so much interested in what caused today’s results, as I am interested in what today’s results might mean for the future.  What comes next?

Those who predicted the Republicans would take the House of Representatives (but not the Senate) have been proven right.  And for now, the capture of the House seems to be the most important development.  Perhaps who has won the governorships will prove in the end to have been more important than who just now won the House, but do we know that yet?

I am guessing the capture of the House could mean (1) Republicans tie up the Administration with a grand flood of investigations, (2) or Republicans shut down the Government (maybe as soon as next Spring), or even (3) Republicans impeach Obama.

Of course, I am only guessing.  Maybe the Republicans will do all three of those things.  Maybe they will do none of them.  Who knows at this point?  Yet,  I think we can be fairly certain that, whatever they do,  the Republicans will be very reluctant to engage in bipartisanship.   I think we are in for a couple years of confrontational government.

The Republican victory yesterday did not give the Republicans control of the Government.  So there is not much they can do to, say, repeal any legislation they dislike.  But it does give them enough control to sabotage the Democrats.  And I believe that is what they will try to do.

Consequently, I don’t hold out great hope that our Government will do much to tackle any problems in the next couple of years.   I bet we will continue to off shore jobs, grow our national debt, and tolerate a poor economy, among many other things,  for at least the next couple years.

I hope I’m wrong about it, but I fear a mess.  I think we are in for no ordinary trouble.

What do you think is coming next?  Where is the country headed now?

What should be done next?

7 thoughts on “So, What Happens Next?”

  1. The Congress will reduce Social Security and Medicare during the lame duck session. If they don’t manage to get that done for some reason, the next session will, and Obama will sign it.


  2. Let me try to reply on a global plane.

    Two years where no big problem will be tackled is a lot and it could mean that the country will continue its genteel decline, together with the rest of the West.

    It seems clear that power is slowly leaving the traditional centres of the world economy, since other economies are growing at 2-3 times our pace.

    As Fareed Zakaria once wrote somewhere, this is not defeatism, it is math.


  3. That strikes me as quite insightful, MoR! Thank you!

    By the way, your international perspective on the election happens to be something I have not yet seen anywhere else, on any blog, big or small, that I have visited since the election, yet, it’s a very relevant perspective. It’s curious no one else is looking at the election that way.

    Perhaps in some way, American exceptionalism has something to do with the above.


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