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Why Can’t We Get Better Leaders?

Most politicians are dysfunctional swine. We only love and support them because we are fools to project our hopes and dreams onto them.

If that’s not a large part of the problem, then what is?

(This post inspired by a video posted by the Decrepit Old Fool.)

4 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Get Better Leaders?”

  1. To be cynical for a moment; are most people more than dysfunctional swine? And, could you argue that parents only “love and support [their children] because [they] are fools to project [their] hopes and dreams onto them”?

    Politicians aren’t worse than many of us, I would say. But they’re not better than many of us, either.


  2. There’s a great deal of truth in what you say about politicians, Astasia, so far as I can see. Yet, it strikes me that politicians as a group seem to consistently represent our society’s second or third string leaders.

    The best, most talented leaders in our society seem to go into business and the professions, rather than into politics. As a group, politicians strike me as a bit more dysfunctional than the average corporate executive, small business owner, doctor, college professor, etc.

    As for projecting our hopes and dreams onto someone, I think that whenever we do that, we tend to loose our objectivity about those people. And I would think that was true regardless of whether we are projecting our hopes and dreams onto a politician or onto our children — or onto someone else.


  3. I think it comes back to the idea that people who want public office are probably not the people who should be leading.

    And while it could be argued that politicians are lesser than small business owners, college professors, doctors, etc., they probably are less dysfunctional than others. Or, maybe just equally as dysfunctional: I would guess that politicians probably are as likely to cheat, lie, or embezzle as the average American.


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