Here’s my favorite self -portrait.  I first published it last year, but for some reason I don’t know, it disappeared from the blog after a while.  So, I’m republishing it here.  Just so you can be scared by my visage.

If you want to email me a portrait of you, please feel free and encouraged to do so.  I would love to put a face to anyone of my readers!  I will keep any portrait you send confidential.

My email is: paul [underscore] sunstone [at] q [dot] com

14 thoughts on “Self-Portrait”

  1. Thanks, Sean. You can’t tell, but I worked on that portrait for quite a little while. Maybe it’s the effort that makes it my favorite!

    You’re a good looking guy, Sean. Hopefully any potential employer will not hold your photo against you.


  2. My photo can be seen on my website that has figurenude photos of the best 2D artist in the world at the figure and me. I am included because i run the site and initiated recent use of the word “figurenude” for nude figures as art instead of naked people.



  3. Great portrait. Your hand could be that of a pianist. I have a folder in my Linux box where I keep all pictures / portraits of bloggers. It’ll be added in there if you don’t mind.

    This *post* shows my neighbourhood, my house and my personal picture.


  4. Thank you for the compliments, MoR! Please! Ad my photo to your file!

    I took a look at your post. Wonderful, lovely neighborhood! But I deeply regret that you are revealed to be a liar — there is no way, as you have said, that the man in the photo could be 62. You are so youthful!


  5. Ah ah ah, I am not a liar Paul. I was 59 or 58 at the time of the picture. And only since my retirement at 61 my hair started to get grey (hope it is only a coincidence.) I’ve always been said I was younger biologically but now after 60 I am aging quickly. But I accept it.


  6. Great, my son is now weeping inconsolably….

    But I think that had more to do with my taking his favorite toy (a dropped soda bottle cap) than your picture. But I can’t blame myself…

    Great to have finally have a face to connect to, I’ll have to pay you back 😀


  7. “Hopefully any potential employer will not hold your photo against you.”

    It’s not the photo I’m worried about, it’s the political opinions associated with it that might haunt me.

    Thanks for the compliments.


  8. Sorry to disturb your son, Wolf. But look on the bright side: from now on, you’ll be able to scare him into his best behavior by threatening to show him my photo if he misbehaves. How cool is that?

    Please do pay me back, if you feel like it! I love to have a photo of you!


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