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Why Does Café Philos Have So Many Loyal Readers?

Why does this blog have so many loyal readers?  Folks, I think I’ve finally got it figured out.

At first, people come here because our advertising promises them sex.

Then they find out there’s no sex.  That we’ve pulled a bait and switch on them.

So, of course, they stay because they’ve been screwed anyway.

24 thoughts on “Why Does Café Philos Have So Many Loyal Readers?”

  1. Normally, Astasia, our corporate policy is to merely screw our readers — and leave sex to honest folk. But you’re so unique and special we are forced to make an exception — provided only that you continue your wonderful blog! Yes, it’s a shameless bribe! 😀


  2. Thank you, George! The feeling is mutual.

    I think any rational person will agree with us, George, that WordPress most certainly ought to have a plugin for sex, and that if by some unforeseeable and catastrophic chance they do not, then they are in clear violation of the benevolent intentions of both God and Darwin.


  3. Patience, Astasia! Do not be disappointed! The orgy will begin just as soon as those of us who are but a wee bit older than you hear back from our doctors regarding their permissions to engage in strenuous sport.


  4. An excellent point, George! The risk is great. The path is dangerous. The odds are steep. Yet on the other hand, a tombstone that would engrave for all time the true causes and circumstances of our deaths is plainly just too awesome a thing to dismiss. Carpe diem! Seize the day!


  5. I used to have a really popular blog, back when Yahoo had their “360” social network. The reason, according to my readers, was because I interacted to regularly with commentators. I suspect this is the reason you have so many loyal readers, Paul. It’s all well and good to have an interesting bit to read from an intelligent writer, but having that writer care about the reader’s opinions can really be rewarding for the regular readers. I know I’m new to visiting here, but I can see that your regular readers appreciate your responses… the 18 comments on this blog are a testament to that!


  6. Thank you, Sean! That’s a good point. I too have seen it work that way.

    For instance: Nita, who’s blog is currently in hiatus, used to respond to every comment made on her blog despite the fact she had traffic several times what you see here.

    I have never figured out how she did that. She did it for quite a long while. In the end, however, she had to scale back because, as she said, her blog was eating up all the time she had in each day.

    I myself try my best to respond to most every comment. I confess, however, that I am not that good at it. Although I have been pretty much on top of it these past few days, that’s unusual. More typical of me, Sean, is to manage to respond to some, but not all of the comments.

    All the same, I think you are substantially right, and I will continue to try to respond to all the comments made on this blog.


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