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Tom Tomorrow on Why the Democrats Lost

When all is said, maybe Tom Tomorrow, author of This Modern World, sums it up best.   I find myself in agreement with him.   And I think Tomorrow’s last panel is especially likely: Bipartisanship is dead.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Tom Tomorrow on Why the Democrats Lost”

  1. Ah Tom Tomorrow. Always takes me back to my days living in Eugene, where a local free newspaper carried his cartoons. Thanks for featuring him, I’ve added him to my RSS reader.

    As usual, he is right… although to be honest, I don’t remember a time when bipartisanship was alive in the US congress. Today it’s becoming less and less common when you look at state and local governments, which is unfortunate.


  2. In many places it is… the bile spewed at the federal level is “trickling down” to the local level. Reaganomics in the political arena.

    If something drastic doesn’t happen to fix it… something tragic will happen because of it IMHO.


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