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A Late Night Thought on Rules and Prohibitions

If you wish your prohibitions and rules to be based upon reason,  then you should look more to adopting etiquettes and manners than to adopting  religious morals.

The rules for which fork to use, or for what constitutes polite conversation, typically employ more logic and evidence in their creation and defense than do any church’s prohibition against using condoms or prohibition against homosexual marriages.

The Pope, for instance, employs more reason deciding when and where to spit than he does deciding the morality of divorce.

It is mere unthinking prejudice that so many people consider religious morals to be of greater weight than etiquettes and manners, for, in truth, religious morals are more often based on  fluffy thinking than are the latter.

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7 thoughts on “A Late Night Thought on Rules and Prohibitions”

  1. I’ve always supposed the Ten Commandments were the original rules of etiquette and just became so popular their origin got all blown out of proportion.

    I think you make a good point in that morality and etiquette go hand in hand, when I see people cut someone off on the freeway or shove their way in front of a line, it seems pretty obvious to me that the person is immoral.


  2. The lack of logic makes God’s rules so difficult to remember let alone understand. I always felt bad for that guy who got zapped merely for helpfully steadying the ark. Which is why whenever I see someone who is about to drop a bottle or a baby or something, I never try to help out. Because you never know when lending a helping hand is really going to piss God off.


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