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I Seem to Have Pissed Someone Off This Fine Morning.

I seem to have pissed someone off this morning.

Near as I can figure it out, he got upset over an attempted joke of mine. In one of my posts, I wrote, “After all, I am a proud intellectual who tackles information in order to get laid, rather than a confused scientist who tackles information in order to discover truths.”

From what I gather he thinks of himself as an intellectual, and — instead of dismissing that sentence as an attempt at humor — he took it that I was seriously bent on insulting upstanding intellectuals like himself.

So, he then went on a rampage in which he not only attempted to insult and abuse me, but also — for some mysterious reason — attempted to insult someone else — someone who is a regular commentator on this blog, and who had nothing to do with what was bugging him.

At that point, I felt it necessary to both delete his verbally abusive comments and ban him.

A half hour later, someone else — someone entirely different (I checked!) — came online to attempt to abuse one of the newest commentators on this blog.

Naturally, I’ve dealt with him too.  But what’s going on here?  Are some people now expecting me to provide them with a platform for abusing others?

Jeebers!  What a morning!

19 thoughts on “I Seem to Have Pissed Someone Off This Fine Morning.”

  1. I missed out on all the excitement. I wonder if maybe there’s some unrelated connection somewhere. Perhaps someone who was slighted in the past and has decided that now is the time to rally his friends and attack your page? Maybe you’ve become too popular… or just gotten the attention of the wrong people. Who can say?

    Then again, I’ve never been able to understand the motivations of those who name-call and blindly criticize. Especially on the internet, where it takes a conscious effort.


  2. Hi Sean! He was just someone offended by my joke about intellectuals being in it to get laid. Me, I think he takes himself too seriously. The sort of intellectual who gives intellectuals a bad name.


  3. I did not see the post that has been removed and already do not care in the least what was stated. I dislike the fact that anyone can hide on one end of the wire anonymously and feel brave enough to misbehave.

    I appreciate Mr Sunstone for maintaining civility and realize it is WORK to babysit malicious groups of ‘sued-o-lectuals”. Being upset about an attempt to joke about intellectuals is perhaps as close as this banned person will ever get to being an intellectual. The banned person is probably proud to have been called an intellectual even if it resulted in proving the banned person was not an intellectual and also resulted in being banned. He can still look and it must burn his eyes to look and not again demonstrate being a “sued-o-lectual”.

    Sued-o knew-matic Phew.

    I never though using intellect to get laid was required? I thought all you needed to do was visit Hawaii and the ladies at the airport made sure everyone got laid at least once on the island?

    Above is another attempt to joke, but hopefully will not offend the banned person again? How will we ever know? Broadband could be the end of anonymity. Has anyone thought of that?


  4. Hi Brian!

    I completely agree! Even though I’ve been celibate for about 15 years now, I have never lost my belief that getting laid is the highest calling of the intellectual.

    I think you and all sublime souls will agree that scientists and laymen (no pun intended, but it should be intended) are mundane types who all too frequently dedicate themselves to merely searching for truths.

    Intellectuals, however, have been for decades, if not for centuries, liberated from any serious concern for truths, and consequently, they have been free to pursue the nobler pastime of getting laid.

    After all, evolution does not advance through truths, but through sexual reproduction, no?


  5. I created a comment policy after a reader visited another reader’s blog to whom I had linked in a post, and mocked/criticized her autistic son. And he would often insult other readers, and me.

    Of course when I called him on it he hauled out the old; “I thought this was an open forum but I guess you liberals believe in censorship don’t you”. No, censorship is when the government shuts you up. Me banning your ass is when you misbehave in my cyber living room and I kick you out, joker.

    Other things I’ve learned about miscreants on the web include: they’ll make a big show of “leaving” and then come back to tell you they’re leaving again. Some of them will threaten to kick your ass (as if that made any sense. “Really? You could kick the ass of some guy twice your age, if we actually bumped into each other somewhere? Who would have guessed, Internet tough-guy? And just so I’m clear, what did that have to do with the issue again?”)

    A sure sign of a pseudo-intellectual is if they get all offended by glib comments. Geez, get over it already; this ain’t an academic thesis defense. We’re just tryin’ to get laid here. And pizza. We’d like some pizza.


  6. Hey George!

    What a coincidence you dropped by! Because, like, ever since this thing happened, I’ve been thinking.

    I’ve been thinking, like, I should steal some good ideas and language from your comment policy. And I’ve been thinking that I should also, like, steal some good ideas and language from a couple other blogs I have in mind.

    And then, like, I’ve been thinking to mix together all those good ideas into a single, like, exceptionally good comment policy.

    A policy that will, by the way, make me so irresistible to the ladies that, for sure, the ladies will, like, continuously lay me (except for pizza breaks) between now and, like, Christmas, 2011.

    Like, pretty nifty, huh?

    At any rate, I should do that after my Thanksgiving travels. (I was, like, going to say, “after my Thanksgiving trip“, but Dude, that would have been totally confusing because, you know, my Thanksgiving trip is, like, so absolutely different from, like, my Thanksgiving travels.)


  7. Yup, about 15 years of celibacy, George. But nowadays, I’m beginning to think, “It’s possible I’ve slightly over-reacted to the mental image of Monica Lewinsky doing President Clinton in the Oval Office.”


  8. “nowadays, I’m beginning to think, “It’s possible I’ve slightly over-reacted to the mental image of Monica Lewinsky doing President Clinton in the Oval Office.””

    No you didn’t, Paul. You were just acting out what we all felt.


  9. I’m certainly forced to agree I’m doing fine! 🙂

    I think if you hang around this blog long enough, Gandalfe, you will find that I’ve been very lucky in so far as most of the commentators on the blog have been considerate, intelligent, open-minded, and decent people — maybe even significantly more considerate, intelligent, etc., than the average guy or gal on the internet.

    That’s what I believe I’ve noticed, although I’m pretty much at a loss to explain why I’ve been so fortunate. At any rate, you are absolutely correct there have been very few “poorly contrived comments” left on this blog amongst the nine thousand or so that have been received. That’s a good thing because my policy is zero tolerance for abuse — very much including verbal abuse.

    By the way, I’ve taken a look at your blog and I would recommend it.


  10. George, in all honesty, I will never accept that a man who had access to many much more accomplished women than Monica Lewinsky, would choose to risk his marriage and his family’s happiness on her.

    There is no way Bill Clinton can say Monica Lewinsky inspired him, that he was passionate about her, that she was among the great loves of his life, or even, most likely, that he loved her at all.

    It was such an insipid choice on his part that it made me wonder whether Clinton had much genuine self-esteem, or any real passion for life.


  11. I didn’t read, nor want to read abusive comments so I am glad you removed them. I don’t get much of that on my blog, but generally move quickly to trash such comments.


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