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On Changing the World

Some of the most important changes we can make to this world, we cannot bring about in others, but only in ourselves.

9 thoughts on “On Changing the World”

    1. Hi Chris! 🙂

      I’m not sure what you’re saying. Do you mean the hardest of all is to change oneself? Or the hardest of all is to trick, cajole, bully, and lie to oneself? Please forgive my confusion.


  1. Paul,
    Yes, that thought did get away from me a little there…

    The (most) important changes are those we make in ourselves (agreed), but that the reason these are the hardest changes to make is that we cannot convince ourself of a belief we are suspicious of, in the same way we can convince others. That is, without reason but by manipulation.

    Another way to put it, it’s easier to make a hundred people folow a bad idea (i.e. one that is shallow and immediately gratifying, but ultimately dangerous/destructive) than it is to make oneself see what is problematic with one’s own beliefs. Because: Reasoning one’s own failings is the hardest thing to accept, it’s easier to accept another’s well-sold story.

    And again, reason cannot strictly be taught, but it is possible to convince with showmanship (this isn’t possible to do to oneself).

    If what I’m saying is still unclear here’s two quotes from two of my favourites:
    “The revolutionary will be the one who can revolutionize himself.” -Wittgenstein
    “Amidst all this bustle ’tis not reason, which carries the prize, but eloquence; and no man needs ever despair of gaining proselytes to the most extravagant hypothesis, who has art enough to represent it in any favourable colours.” – Hume

    I blame too much coffee and a two-day conference for scrambling my mind.


    1. Thanks for the clarification, Chris! I believe I understand now, and I think we’re in agreement on this one.

      By the way, I’ve discovered an instant fondness for the quote from Wittgenstein.


    1. After a night of drinking, I got to playing around with the bulk settings and somehow managed to delete the whole day’s worth. Sorry about that. After I deleted them, however, I got to thinking I didn’t want either one anyway.


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