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Nothing to See Here. Move Along! Move Along Now!

“The Swedish director of public prosecutions, Marianne Ny, dismissed suggestions of a political motive for the rape allegations.”

The Guardian on the charges of rape brought against Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks.

Oh good!  For a moment there, I had thought there might be a political motive.

10 thoughts on “Nothing to See Here. Move Along! Move Along Now!”

  1. The Swedish charges against Assange grow stranger and stranger by the moment. More strange facts about the parties involved have been disclosed, the interesting histories and associations.

    I think the odds are that Assange is not guilty as charged and it would appear that seemingly innocent-looking Sweden has been very involved with the espionage activities of the U.S., espionage directed at those who threaten to disclose the truth.


  2. Oh, and it also appears that because I have revealed myself as an Assange partisan, my computer is being hacked, and gremlins are mucking up my personal accounts.

    We live in very interesting times. I am amused that I am so much a person of interest. Evidently, we have not adequately exorcised the demons of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove/Rice/Addington, et al, and they still linger.


  3. According to RawStory:

    Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative
    One of the women accusing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of sex crimes appears to have worked with a group that has connections to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

    James D. Catlin, a lawyer who recently represented Assange, said the sex assault investigation into the WikiLeaks founder is based on claims he didn’t use condoms during sex with two Swedish women.

    Swedish prosecutors told AOL News last week that Assange was not wanted for rape as has been reported, but for something called “sex by surprise” or “unexpected sex.”


  4. There is a war going on in DailyKos between Assange partisans and those who hate the man.

    From a hater:,

    I suppose it had to happen sooner or later.

    Never mind how many people this son of a bitch may have gotten, or get, killed, never mind that he is getting his 15 minutes of fame on the back of a stupid ass kid who is facing (righteously) 52 years in Leavenworth for abrogating his oath…..I give up.

    This little prick is a hero.

    I throw up my hands.


  5. Having delved a bit into some of the details of this case, I’ve made the following conclusions regarding the rape molestation celebrity status of Assange:
    1) Assange can’t be charged with anything in the US, the 1971 Pentagon Paper precedent applies to any information WikiLeaks may have gained from a source and thus the Espionage Act does not apply to this form of information. The individual that leaked the documents, however, can be held accountable for violations of the UCMJ and giving the documents to an individual without proper security clearance.
    2) Since criminal charges for the release of the cables cannot be brought up, Assange needs to be tried and jailed for another reason. Both women engaged in consensual sex with Assange; they discussed with each other via SMS going to the police to “seek advice” from police–such a type of complaint in Sweden, while formal, carries no penalties for false statements. The current thinking is that they will charge him with consensual sex which could not possibly be consensual because of his celebrity status and the women were “overwhelmed” and could not possibly give consent. This would require changes in Swedish law and these changes would have to be retroactive. In other words, he would be tried for something that was not yet a crime when he committed it.

    The “it’s not political” flag is now also waving higher than ever…


  6. Oh, and Karen, that just means you need to run a Linux OS with all the nifty little security features that come with it now. (And learn a bit about setting up a honey trap computer that doubles as an automated offensive system).


  7. Rape a political crime? Hundreds of thousands of people might agree whether a Wiki-rape or other kind of rape.

    It is a difficult crime to prove in any event usually.

    I do not care if he raped either woman and do not care if he tells secrets to get people killed or dies as rich as Eric Schmidt. He affects me absolutely none regardless. I am not a juror in his case and will not try to be by media. We pass on this Earth as vessels passing in the night. I am in an airplane and he is in a boat.

    I exist with absolutely nothing to do with the guy in either way.
    I do not intend to change that.
    I have accidentally upset a judge and THAT was idiotic but once you file FACTS you believe might offend you can’t un-file them. The truth is impossible to describe in a friendly way but I have one day to MITIGATE.


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