“Rudy the Red-Nosed Wino” by Rick

Rudy the red-nosed wino
Had a very shiney nose
From drinking too much NightTrain
And Richards Wild Irish Rose

All of the other winos
Used to laugh and steal his shoes
That didn’t bother Rudy
‘Long as he could get more booze

Then one foggy day in court
The judge had this to say;
“Rudy here’s your Christmas gift
A court card and a meeting list”

Now all the winos fear him
When he comes around they flee
So they don’t wind up like Rudy
With 30 days so-brie-ity

Please Note:  This clever variation on “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” was written by Rick, a homeless gentleman currently living in a woods near Isla Vista, California (just outside of Santa Barbara).  Rick is originally from Chicago. Now age 51, he left home in his teens and has been living out of doors most of the time since then.  He uses a laptop and free coffee shop wifi to get on the web when he can, and he has a homeless thread here.  Besides writing ditties, he plays guitar and sings.

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