What Bears Are All Too Likely to Do When a Hiker Plays Dead…

Dear Folks,
I’m alright now, and there’s no cause for alarm, but I had to go to my doctor’s yesterday after encountering a bear while hiking in the wilderness.  When I saw the brute, I was quick to remember that you are supposed to play dead — and that’s what I did.  As a result, the bear didn’t bite me.  But I nevertheless thought it best to have my doctor take a look at the bruises the bear left me with from his clumsy attempts to give me CPR.
All the best,

12 thoughts on “What Bears Are All Too Likely to Do When a Hiker Plays Dead…

  1. Wow. Glad to hear you’re OK… when I’ve hiked in the wilderness I’ve always worried about running into a bear (although it’s hardly likely out here) and I wonder if I’d be clear-headed enough to remember to play dead.


  2. Dear Paul,

    Wow, that was a close call! I remember reading somewhere that pepper spray is the most effective way to ward off charging bears. Apparently one spray will ward off a charging grizzly. Living in Michigan it had piqued my interest, perhaps you should invest in a can if you hike regularly.


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