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Robert Reich on American-Style Capitalism and Jobs

“Under American-style capitalism, profits matter.  Jobs don’t.”

Robert Reich

6 thoughts on “Robert Reich on American-Style Capitalism and Jobs”

  1. I think business was always this way. What I think is new about this (in my country at least) is that those supposed to be protecting the interests of the small man – the trade union leaders, the ‘labour’ politicians – have bought into the same crap as the CEO’s.
    We are left to fend for ourselves and divided we will always fall.
    Solidarity amongst those in the middle and at the bottom is the only way to avoid the return to feudalism our masters seek. Sadly, for now, the propaganda spewed from the political/corporate machine is being given credence. Having convinced huge populations that it is in their own interest to hand over wealth and future to indemnify corporate greed it must indeed appear to our princes that the world is at their feet. The peasants are not revolting. In fact they are deliciously ripe for the picking.


  2. Unfortunately, that’s the conclusion I’m also coming to. Scary.

    Not sure where we go from here, but I don’t think the Democrat-Republican spectrum offers any possible answers, either.


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