Have you heard? There are several conservative organizations who are determined to boycott the next CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) if GOProud — a conservative gay group — is allowed to attend the Conference.

Now, what I don’t get about that news is just how gays are supposed to go about destroying our civilization if no one will let them be conservatives?

11 thoughts on “GOProud”

  1. Gays will never “destroy” our civilization. Being gay is NOT a communicable condition. Homosexuality does not propogate. Gay people exist in approximately the same percentage of the population as they always have. Gay parents raise children who are not gay. Their children are not likely to be homophobic as I once was. The DADT policy of the military only increases the probability in reducing the homosexual population due to deaths in combat.

    I am a conservative liberal who believes homosexuality is not a choice but is a result of God’s creation of Gay people. God created and loves homosexuals just as he created athests and loves them too. I do not support homosexual marriage because it is an altering the language.

    Homosexual unions with all the equality to marriage should be allowed. They should just use a different word.

    Discrimination is wrong regardless of what ideal is used to anchor the warped morality. Theism, sexuality, religion, and governments are the favorite human ‘false’ moral absolutes where ‘objectively’ defined truths are claimed to exist in error.


  2. On one hand, it’s very positive to see conservatives welcoming LGBT people to the table. On the other hand, what impact LGBT conservatives will have on LGBT rights remains to be seen.


  3. But (and I started to think about it more and more lately) this is what happens when you mix social conservatives and economic conservatives together –they will not agree.


  4. Sooner or later groups like the Log Cabin Republicans will figure out that it is easier, in the words of Dan Savage, to “go out in the parking lot and beat themselves up.”

    I can’t see why gay people shouldn’t be married exactly the same way that anyone else is married. On the other hand, I think it would make sense if all legal unions were civil unions, so called, while marriage could be celebrated by members of any church according to the rituals of that church. City Hall does not care whether God has joined you as long as they get their fee, and neither does the divorce lawyer so long as he gets his.


  5. I used to attend CPAC functions back in the day I hustled work on and around the Hill. Seems like a hundred years ago. I don’t think the boycotting people will be missed. This same bunch of people made noise at last year’s function, and from what I understand, they were noisy, but not exactly appreciated.

    Log Cabin Republicans led the legal fight against DADT. Ted Olsen litigated against Prop. 19. This is not going to be settled on partisan lines, and trying to herd people into partisan bickering over this will delay marriage equality rather than help the cause. Plenty of Republicans line up with plenty of Democrats on issues like marriage equality.


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