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Why Should We Redistribute Wealth from the Middle and Lower Classes to the Richest Americans?

Now that our leaders have fearlessly given an unnecessary tax cut to the very wealthiest people in the United States, they are wasting no time calling for cutbacks in public pensions.  So, who ultimately pays for the reduced tax revenues from  Americans making an average of $18.5 million per year?

Firefighters, police officers, teachers, janitors, etc.

Is social security,  medicare, or medicaid next?


10 thoughts on “Why Should We Redistribute Wealth from the Middle and Lower Classes to the Richest Americans?”

    1. My glum assessment is that very few of our citizens have the intelligence or information to vote, and do so entirely from the emotional level of a frustrated five-year-old. Dinner is late or some action has had unwelcome consequences, so it’s “I hate you Mommy and I want a new Mommy!”

      We have a nation full of people who know all about things like celebrity scandals or who is on Oprah, but it hurts their head to think about what public money should and shouldn’t be used for and what it means to live responsibly. I would far rather have a conversation with a conservative who disagrees with me intelligently than a person who voted the same way I do because of a Sharks And Jets mentality. Alas, Tea Party adherents are so Sharks And Jets that I expect them to burst into the West Side Story score at any moment.


  1. Social Security and Medicare are definitely on the chopping block. One wonders if Obama isn’t the Manchurian Candidate who always had that in mind.

    His decision to create a Deficit Commission is quite suspect. His decision to place Erskine Bowled and Social Security hater Alan Simpson at his commission’s helm is extremely suspect.

    And, as for the so-called “Holiday from FICA tax,” which strafes the SS account just at the time when the first BabyBoomers start to draw SS, one wonders if that did not directly come from the hand of Obama. His protestations of compromise are a sham, I fear. The man is in direct collusion with Grover Norquist and stages the compromise drama to fool us.


    1. Karen, I don’t trust Obama to keep his mitts off Social Security either. But as it happens, the tax holiday is *not* coming out of the Social Security trust fund; it’s coming out of the general fund.


      1. Yes, of course, the funding comes directly out of the general fund because the normal SS FICA revenues (now eliminated by virtue of the “Tax Holiday”) pay current SS bills and add a bit to the $2.6 trillion SS fund and funding for current SS payments must come from somewhere.

        This will serve as an excuse to attack SS and privatize it.


  2. I have questions about wealth, specifically about the term “wealth maximization.”

    In the quite capitalistic nation of the US, wealth maximization is considered a very good thing, but…

    Whose wealth?

    Is there an unstated premise that some people are entitled to wealth and some are not?

    At what cost should wealth maximization be achieved?

    Should there be a limit as to how much wealth an individual can hold?

    Should questions be asked as to how that wealth was achieved?

    Are there times when wealth maximization is unethical, say in the case of war profiteering?


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