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A Nearly Universal Solution to What Ails Ya

“I figure there aren’t that many problems that watching naked ladies can’t fix.”

—  Blayze

8 thoughts on “A Nearly Universal Solution to What Ails Ya”

  1. Perhaps we should change that quote to “there aren’t many problems that being a naked lady can’t fix”. If everyone were to step into the shoes? of a naked woman, at least some problems could be solved.


    1. I figure Blayze was half-joking when she said that, but only half-joking. I was in my 30s before I realized that nudity was not necessarily sexual. And that, moreover, watching a beautiful nude woman could be every bit as life affirming an experience as watching a gorgeous sunrise or sunlight playing on the waves in a lake. There’s something about beauty — regardless of what kind of beauty — that has the potential to make us feel like affirming life. And, a little bit harder to understand at times, there’s a way in which beauty draws us into life, makes us go beyond ourselves, so to speak — or get out of our shells.


    1. I’m absolutely sure that happens, Prairienymph. There are over 300 million people in our country alone — let alone the rest of the world. With numbers like that, the odds are excellent that we could find people who lust to hump lampposts, let alone find people who are sexually stimulated by an innocent nude photo.

      I guess it comes down to how much you want to let yourself be governed by those people. Suppose, for instance, that you owned a fine art portrait of a nude mother and child. Further suppose that you decided to deprive yourself of that portrait — to sell it, hide it, or perhaps destroy it — because somewhere at sometime someone might get turned on by it. You would have every right to do that. But the choice of whether to live in reaction to others should be yours — no one else’s.


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