All Should be Well Then…

It’s four o’clock in the morning; January 6; Northern Hemisphere: The pilot light on my furnace is out and has been out all night long.   Things have gotten chilly.

I have spent the past 30 minutes performing my wonderful Sun Dance.   I am proud to say I invented the dance myself, and — quite unlike so many superficially similar, but merely superstitious dances of no real value — my dance has never failed to sooner or later cause the sun to rise.  All should be well then.

12 thoughts on “All Should be Well Then…”

  1. Would YOU happen to have anything to do with the short stretches of daylight these past few months!? You need to perform more elaborate dances so the sun stays out longer! Bring summer back!



  2. I think your video should be instructional. Dance-challenged people like me won’t be able to learn how to do it for ourselves without step-by-step instructions. A good format would be

    1. a short, uninterrupted demo of the dance
    2. a series of easy to follow instructions, demonstrating each of the moves
    3. a longer dance demo, which will show us again how all the pieces fit together and reinforce the performance standard we’re aiming to achieve.

    I look forward to seeing the final product.


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