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“Dishonesty Doesn’t Go Away Simply Because You Put A Black Robe On It.”

“Dishonesty doesn’t go away simply because you put a black robe on it.”

— Mike Papatino, speaking on The Ed Show (January 24, 2011) regarding Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ failure to report his wife’s income for 13 years.

5 thoughts on ““Dishonesty Doesn’t Go Away Simply Because You Put A Black Robe On It.””

  1. The justice has been known to be dishonest since his confirmation hearing. why has it taken you this long to care? No income since her hubby got appointed or slightly longer. At least the liar is a black man in a black robe. Helps the Supreme Court reflect America better. He makes the Supreme Court more diverse ethnically and have more empathy with the host of liars who face them. A criminal sitting on the highest Court in the United States.

    His wife’s income was her responsibility to report entirely but that argument has little effect to protect from criminal conspiracy to use marital property.

    Lets just not talk about the sexual harasser who helps rob the United States while pretending to be a Supreme Court Justice. He did not disclose the forms but they did pay taxes. All he will end up doing is correcting the forms when he should be impeached.


    1. Actually, Thomas was obliged to report her income as well per Supreme Court rules. Of course, the only body that can enforce Supreme Court rules is the Supreme Court.


  2. Thomas is such a total joke of justice — as are the Justices Scalia, Alito, et al, in the Unholy Reign of the Five.


    1. One of my law school friends showed up for Constitutional Law one afternoon in 1992 wearing a homemade tag that read:

      (This is an oxymoron)

      She admitted she nearly chose Scalia.


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