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The Commentators on this Blog are Awesome

I was just now looking through the comments made on this blog over the past few weeks, and so I’m feeling quite impressed at the moment with the seemingly above-average courtesy and insightful intelligence of the folks who’ve taken the time to write out responses to my posts.

Unfortunately, these past few weeks I’ve been afflicted with a touch of depression.  It’s a mild depression — relatively easy to manage and nothing serious.  However, whenever I have come down with a depression — even with a mild one — my writing tends to suffer.  And, almost always, I  slack off both on daily postings and on responding to comments.  I don’t know why my writing is so annoyingly sensitive to whether or not I’m a bit depressed, but it is.  So, I apologize for not getting around to responding to your many comments over the past few weeks.  Your comments are nevertheless very much appreciated.

Very roughly speaking, this blog has about 1500 posts written by me, and 10,000 comments written by you.   That’s actually something that pleases me to no end.  But even more pleasing is the intelligence and courtesy of the commentators.  You guys rock: There are very few bloggers as lucky as I am.

8 thoughts on “The Commentators on this Blog are Awesome”

  1. Symptoms of depression, even mild, include increasing desire for social isolation, decrease in motivation and energy level, slowing of thinking. I get the same way with my blog when I’m depressed. No apology necessary. I think it’s ok to let commenters converse with each other without necessarily a comment from the host. You come up with such great, thought-provoking questions.

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  2. Perhaps it’s seasonal affective disorder that you’re experiencing? Do you experience spells of depression year-round?

    I hope that your depression lifts soon, and in the meantime, thanks for the kind words to your commentors.


  3. I expect you are popular because you are intelligent and thoughtful in your post on a wide range of issues. Qualities rare these days!

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