Who Has the Best Candy?

Like many people, I’m trying to decide between God and Satan.

So, who has the best candy?

13 thoughts on “Who Has the Best Candy?”

  1. You have free will as do both of them. You will exist forever as will both of them. God is limited by his nature and is generally good. Satan has vast God-like powers but has limits as to what he can do on Earth placed on him by God. Satan may not cause Earth matter to violate any physical law like gravity. Water will always flow down and water will expand when it freezes. Satan can’t force you to follow him and neither can God.

    Most religions allege that Satan is in torment or will be. Most religions allege God is in heaven and heaven is always pleasant. God has better candy because his power is absolute. He can and does do miracles where physical laws like gravity etc do not apply.

    I am alive because of a miracle that is not understood by science or that violates known science. I know absolutes about the afterlife that I can’t describe. That portion of my free will is gone. Answering your question with logic is not allowed for exactly the same reason that God won’t answer it. Revealing the logical answer removes free will just like happened to all the Angels. Logic is absolute. You must choose to have faith and pick God or not pick God. God has requirements for his candy but Satan’s candy is free.

    Short interesting post. Some questions will never be answered. Some answers depend on you and are different depending on your decisions when contemplating them and are different depending on what you had for luch or what time it is.


  2. God’s power is absolute AND God is limited by his nature? Is absolute power that is limited truly absolute? I vote for Satan’s candy. God’s candy is inconsistent and illogical, which, apparently, preserves free will. Tastes like cauliflower.

    Free candy is the best candy.


    1. Just because God can do anything His power is absolute. God simply chooses not to do certain things until He gets bored or something.

      Both candies are enjoyable and there are more options with the free candy. Considering only the present life, the free candy is better. See what free candy got Clarence Thomas?


  3. I heard that Heaven doesn’t have any candy, so I’m definitely not going there. Hell could be problematic for chocolate lovers, since chocolate melts there, but if they have good hard candy at least, it’s cool.


  4. If heaven is a reward and hell is a punishment, what would a candy signify? I’d much rather be rewarded a candy in hell, that would make me happy there albeit for only a moment. In heaven, I fear I won’t appreciate the candy because I am already happy and have all I want (virgins supposedly?)

    But hey those eastern religions are awful at this heaven/hell thing, I will never get candy… ^_^


    1. Good thinking, Priyank! I’m told another reason for going to hell is because all of our friends will be there.

      I agree about Eastern religions. From what little I know, they don’t seem to waste as much time on heaven/hell as the Western ones do.


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