You Might Not Want to Do This….

A little while ago, I made some coffee.  When I went to pour myself a cup, I noticed a jar of beef bullion on the shelf.  So, quite impulsively, I mixed some beef bullion powder into my hot coffee.

I can report that the result is a bit disconcerting.   Unless you enjoy heavily salting your coffee.

8 thoughts on “You Might Not Want to Do This….”

    1. LOL!!! Astasia, I inherited total incompetence in the kitchen.

      My mother was good at many things. For instance, she was an outstanding business executive who more than one person has told me they modeled themselves on. But she routinely prepared the worse food I’ve ever tasted in my entire life to date. Everything she taught me about cooking, I’ve had to unlearn. 😀


  1. Beef boullion? Eh, why not? I’ve heard of other cultures putting butter or salt in coffee, so this isn’t the oddest coffee condiment I’ve ever heard of.


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