What Might I be Overlooking Here?

A few days ago, I added another lamp to my work area — making it adequately lit for the first time.   However, this has had the unfortunate — no, the devastating — effect of allowing me to see with perfect clarity how shoddy are my drawings.   Consequently, I am faced with making a responsible choice between three options:

1) Blame the shoddy appearance of my work on “harsh lighting” and get on with it.

2) Intensely squint whenever stepping back to survey what I’ve accomplished.

3) Switch to exclusively drawing pornographic nudes (no one ever objects to the shoddy appearance of a nude, so long as he or she is pornographic).

I think that pretty much covers my rational choices in the matter, yet I still wonder whether I am overlooking anything? If you know of any other options, please tell me!  I fear that I might overlook an option and consequently fail to reach (in my own mind) my full potential as an artist.

8 thoughts on “What Might I be Overlooking Here?”

    1. But Grasshopper! Down that path lies sanity! And, if that doesn’t frighten you enough, think what a poor example it sets for the TV pundits if people began doing actual work according to a rational model for improved performance?


  1. choice 4.
    What about letting the extra lamp for your work convenience but covering your work with tinted film for the benefit of others’ viewing pleasure? 🙂


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