Anyone Else Using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta?

Is anyone else using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta?  I am, and I’m experiencing the same problems that I experienced with their last release.  That is, when entering text into a field, the text tends to periodically hang or lag so that it does not appear on the screen in real time as I type it in.  The same sometimes happens when I’m scrolling down a page: the page lags behind my cursor.

Does anyone else have these problems?

10 thoughts on “Anyone Else Using Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta?”

  1. My husband uses Firefox on a PC and has all sorts of problems with filling out forms online. I use Firefox on a Mac, and can honestly say, I’ve never had any issues. At all.


    1. Hi Makita! Good to see you! 🙂

      That’s quite interesting. All the more reason I should try Mac someday (I like Firefox except for the bugs).

      I just now had a problem pasting a quote to a blog reply form using Firefox 4.0 Beta. I fired up the old Firefox (3.6) and it worked fine for me. But I don’t think it bodes well that your husband has so much difficulty with filling out forms.


  2. I’m using the beta with no problems at all, except not compatible with all my add-ons but other than that working well.

    PS Don’t buy a Mac :p


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