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Yet Another Ridiculous Sex Scandal

Chris Lee resigned from the U.S. House of  Representatives over a sex scandal today.  It’s odd how they always resign over sex scandals.

Do they ever resign for voting to invade Iraq, failing to bring to justice the perps who nearly destroyed the world economy, trying to deprive women of their reproductive rights, passing the Patriot Act, or anyone of a hundred other offenses?


Of course, the passive consumers…eh, I mean, the “active citizens”, will not as often hold their politicians responsible for the real offenses as they will hold them responsible for an affair.  It is bad enough that most of the politicians of both parties have been corrupted by Big Money and special interests — it is even worse that so few of us voters care what our politicians are up to unless they are caught having an affair.

If being ridiculous has ever brought down a great nation, then America is doomed.

14 thoughts on “Yet Another Ridiculous Sex Scandal”

      1. Yeah, it’s sad anyone would cheat on their spouse. Good point!

        Still, I think if voters are going to hold politicians responsible for anything, I would prefer they hold them responsible for, say, the wars they start.


    1. “Typical U.S. hypocrisy and puritanism.”

      I agree. Except — and this is just a quibble Paul — what we think of as “Puritanism” is most often derived from the Victorians, rather than from the Puritans.


  1. I like Bill Maher’s take on the issue.

    “Republicans changed their party before — from the party that freed the slaves to the party that freed Scooter Libby — and they survived. Now it’s time for them to stop pretending they’re still the party of Reagan and take up a new banner: The Party of the Superfreaky Superfreaks.

    “This week the chairman of the St. Petersburg, Florida, city council was accused of having sex with his two adopted daughters and their nanny. And he could have been in real trouble, too, if it turned out the nanny was illegal. But he got ahead of the story when he killed himself by sitting in his garage with the doors closed and the riding lawnmower on.

    “Two guesses which party he was a member of. And the first guess doesn’t count.

    “And that’s not fair. You knew he was a Republican, because even in death, he was still wasting gas.

    “Republican sex scandals are like Iraqi car bombings. By the time you hear about one, there’s been another. Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, Bob Allen, Vitter, Craig … It’s like Clue, only the answer is always “A Republican … in the washroom … with his cock.”


  2. Perhaps the worst thing of all… in America, we hardly ever get good jokes out of our politicians’ sex scandals. Makes me wonder what the whole point is of even paying attention to them.


    1. “Makes me wonder what the whole point is of even paying attention to them.”

      I’ve long suspected the main reason we have a capitol is so, via elections, we can send our village idiots someplace out of town.


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