Enough of G-Strings!

After two posts tenderly devoted to G-strings,  I have decided not to at all discuss them in this post.  Otherwise, some folks might get the mistaken impression that I am absolutely obsessed with G-strings these days.  And that would be completely wrong.  Completely wrong.

Now that I’ve gotten the minor detail of G-strings out of the way, I am embarrassed to report that I  have entirely forgotten what it was that I was really going to post about.  All I know is that it wasn’t going to be about G-strings.

Not at all.

I guess I must wait here until I think of G-strings whatever it was that I was really going to post about…

9 thoughts on “Enough of G-Strings!”

  1. I have pictures of myself in a g-string type garment that is ‘famous’ on some parts of the internets.

    But, since we’re not talking about that, nevermind. 😀


    1. Not fair! Not fair at all! How am I supposed to just “nevermind” when one my absolute favorite commentators in the whole wide world tells me she’s got pics of herself in a G-string! Do I look like I’m made out of pizza dough or something? Just what do you think this brain is now going to be involuntarily speculating about for the next sixty-eight hours! You are seriously endangering my peace and contentment — I hope you know that!


  2. In the 1950s and 60s, in Montreal, an L.A. girl mesmerized the crowda at the Gayety theater. She came on stage naked save for a G string. Unknown to the crowd, at least they pretended not to know, it was tied to an invisible wire. As Lili St-Cyr began dancing a technician up in the balcony pulled at the string and it flew over the spectators. She then began, always dancing, to put on clothes and exited the stage fully clothed. They called it “reverse strip tease”. Montreal is still talking about it.


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