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Poem to a Fundamentalist

I would so much more
Admire your god if,
Besides creating the universe
And all within it,
He could think
Even a little bit better
Than you do.

17 thoughts on “Poem to a Fundamentalist”

  1. I love it! My working theory is that God must be at least as great as anything I can conceive, and then like triple that! lol…The fundamentalist God is a small mean creature, not worthy of worship.


    1. Jiddu Krishnamurti used to say, “A petty mind can only conceive of a petty god”. Of course he would then go on to firmly state, “All minds are petty minds.” Very interesting idea, though. I tend to take it into account some days of the week, but not on others.


  2. Fundamentalist reply?

    I could perhaps respect your
    Criticism and use of evidence
    And reasoning to reject my God,
    If you would reject my God
    Completely and be finished
    And finally convince even yourself.

    Tongue planted firmly in cheek…
    I am NOT a fundamentalist and do not care in the least if I am the only human on Earth to accept God. No religion is even close to being absolutely correct.


    1. Hi Curtis!

      I don’t think folks are really as interested in the Fundamentalist’s god as some Fundamentalists might think. I think folks are much more interested in the petty mind of the Fundamentalist himself, and, say, why he opposes stem cell research, thinks gay marriage will collapse civilization, or in some cases would deny women an abortion even to save their lives.

      Here, Curtis, is what the poem might have looked like if you were right that it is a poem more concerned with the Fundamentalist god than with Fundamentalists themselves:

      Poem to a Fundamentalist God

      I would so much more
      Admire you, Fundie god if,
      Besides creating the universe
      And all within it,
      You could think
      Even a little bit better
      Than your followers.


      1. Long before I used to constantly think about God.Then understood there were so many Gods of so many different people! Finally I thought God was an idea created by people (like us).This creation of God idea is because people constantly are in search of somebody perfect who will protect them.

        This leads to the idea of a personal God and so there is no need to admire or denigrate somebody else’ God at all.

        Doings of fundamentalists have nothing to do with God principle at all..


      2. Fundamentalism has very little to do with god, Neela, except in that it often claims to have everything to do with god. For instance, when some fundamentalist flies a plane into a building, murdering thousands, how is that an act of worship? Is it an act of worship simply because the fundamentalist screams that his god is great as he murders others?


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