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Should Progressives Support the Democratic Party?

“I maintain that fully supporting either of the two major parties is morally wrong. I maintain that we can not achieve peace by choosing the lesser warmonger, human rights by choosing the lesser trampler of human rights, or equality by choosing the lesser bigot. If liberals and progressives refuse to hold the Democratic Party to account — not just with our words, but with our votes — then all is lost, and we will be complicit in that loss.”


Do you agree with DV8?  Why or why not?

12 thoughts on “Should Progressives Support the Democratic Party?”

  1. Well, for me the critical word here is “fully” supporting. I would certainly agree that giving the Democrats carte blance would assure all our destruction and perhaps the end of democracy itself.

    If I have to support some Democrats to save Unions, then I’m going to support Democrats.

    I don’t think I’ll be donating to the Democratic Party ever again, or even to Obama.

    I will be donating to Liberal senators like Maria Cantwell when she runs next time. I may also choose to donate to Progressive Democrats outside my state.


      1. Hopefully that doesn’t mean you’re becoming as radical as I’m becoming politically, Paul.

        I find my self resorting to The Nation and small, obscure leftist magazines.

        I’ve been saving my political opinions for Facebook instead of my blog, but a friend and I have been reading political essays and commenting on them on Google Docs. i fear I’m beginning to sound like a philosophical Anarchist.


      2. Loren, my ideal nowadays is to live in a wilderness the size of Colorado, in a small, roaming, egalitarian group of hunter/gatherers, who — for some strange reason — have speedy access to a Mayo Clinic when one of them gets injured or ill. I think I missed my calling when I wasn’t simultaneously born 25,000 years ago, and 25,000 years in the future.

        Philosophical anarchism strikes me as an especially attractive philosophy during an age of statsism.

        I don’t know if I will ever blog much about politics. I keep meaning to, but there is so much extremely good political commentary out there that, at best, I’d probably be repeating what someone else came up with first.


  2. Unfortunately, I’ve become more and more of a realist.

    By not voting for a Democrat, it’s like I am voting for a Republican.

    And Democrats are the lesser of two evils – in fact, that actually sometimes support the things I believe in, unlike Republicans.

    Creating schisms in the Democratic Party only benefits Republicans. It makes me wince when I hear this kind of rhetoric.


  3. I agree with the sentiments here. I have to vote for Democrats to keep really bad conservatives out. Look what happened this last election. It was Progressives not voting that got repubs in.

    I’m going to vote for the best candidate regardless of party, but just not donate unless I found a good progressive candidate.


  4. I’ll vote Democratic IF I HAVE TO because of things such as the Supreme Court, but withhold money from state and national Dem orgs and Democratic mainstream candidates. If I have any spare cash it will go to candidates I really love like Dennis Kucinich and Bernie Sanders and Donna Edwards and Keith Ellison and even Al Franken. Franken has taken the right stance on a number of issues.


    1. There are some good Democrats. However, Bernie Sanders isn’t one of them. He’s a GREAT independent, who is an affiliated NON-member of the Democratic Party, the Vermont Progressive Party, and the Socialist Party USA.


  5. Greta blog…found this via Apostates Chapel.

    The problem with “The Republicans are worse” argument is often they are not. Obama has severely ramped up the various wars. He has given more money to the bank fraudsters. He has enriched (subject to County approval) the insurance industry. DOMA is not enough of an issue….on most every other issue, the Dems are pretty bad.


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