4 thoughts on “Learning to Read the Map Better?

  1. WoW!
    Paul Sunstone says,
    “Religions are maps. They are not the terrain. ~~~
    People get attached to religions and then spend their whole lives trying to experience the terrain better by learning to read the various maps better.”
    Some maps show only where one is depending on rules made by other humans. i.e. towns, State, Counties, etc. Some maps show you the facts like whether you can get there with dry feet and show details like rivers, oceans, and lakes. Some topographical maps allow you to avoid rough terrain and go around mountains instead of attempting to climb them when a longer trip around will be easier.

    Religions are simply maps describing the terrain we will pass throughout life. Religions, according to Mr Sunstone, are only human attempts to communicate what you will experience throughout life.

    How exact can almost ever be? Pretty dang close….
    Thanks Paul….


  2. That reminds me of the saying about everyone staring at the finger pointing to the moon instead of looking at where the finger is pointing to.


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