Your Favorite Post Comments?

For the past week or two, I’ve been wondering what folk’s favorite post comments are?  Not just comments they’ve read on this blog, but comments they’ve read on any blog?  And not just comments they themselves have posted, but anyone’s comments?

Although I left it myself, here is one of my most recent favorites:

CD, they need to slap a bronze plaque “National Treasure” designation on your butt someday. Your blog posts are edgy, priceless, and smack on — almost every damn one of them. I love this one! Thank you for it!


And another one left just this morning:

Looks good on paper. Sounds good when it speaks aloud. Tells a few more truths than lies. Hell, DV8, your poem is a lot like me.


Here’s one I didn’t write myself, but which I find both insightful and prose-perfect:

Growing up Catholic, I had an image of God as a distant overlord — emotionally uninvolved with his creation, but at the same time obsessed with micromanaging it. The God I was taught to fear demanded that humans obey a litany of arbitrary rules, threatening to punish them for every little screw-up via Hell or Purgatory. Cold? Yes. Impossible to please? Yes. Loving and forgiving? No.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to realize that not all religious people see God this way. There are as many definitions of God as there are people — some lovely, some abstract, others harsh.


Another one — on a topic besides religion:

Maybe the scariest thing I remember reading about, though, was The Lions Of Tsavo, the story of some man-eating lions that devoured a large group of railroad workers in Africa. The people had about the best group of skills you could hope for – many of the British were ex-soldiers, some were hunters and many were engineers. Many of the African laborers knew the area well and were clever about using the local plants and materials for constructing barriers. Yet two lions killed more than a hundred of them.


I think this next comment — short as it is — is still one of the most thoughtful ideas I’ve yet heard on the political role that bloggers might potentially play in society:

‘Tis the function of us as bloggers to keep a focus on things the news gets bored with or puts under covers to show the most recent tragic event.


The guy who wrote this next post comment sometimes strikes me as among the very best blog commentators on the net.  I don’t often run into him anymore, but when I do, he’s usually got something to say that makes me do a double-take on the post he’s commenting about:

The inherent entertainment of this post aside, I particularly admired it from a standpoint of literary craft. The dovetailing of the contextually ironic title, and the penultimate line, was particularly satisfying.


And then there is this very positive anecdote of a gentleman with exceptionally good manners:

I happened to visit the father of one of my friends around tea time which usually means a host of elderly men gossiping like frail old ladies, amusing yet very welcoming. As I was chatting with the host I realized that I had been facing away from an elderly man and such an act is normally considered a cultural insult. I apologized to the ammu (uncle) and he responded “Waldi, a rose has not a front or a back”.


So, what are some of your favorite post comments?  If you’d like, please copy and paste them here, then leave a link back to their source.

I'd love to hear from you. Comments make my day.

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