The Stolen Star Child

Once a man took his daughter’s dreams —
You know, the visions she had for herself —

Took them, even before she knew she had them,
And gave to her his cheap, second-hand fists instead.

So she grew up not fully knowing who she was:
A Stolen Star Child, knocked off-course in the universe.

I found her a few years later on, married by then
To a preaching man and his congregation

Who wanted to make her the wife she was not,
But wanted not the wife that she was.

There was even some part of the Stolen Star Child
Who wanted for herself what they wanted for her,

And who would have turned her gold into lead for them,
Before cheerfully taking the next rocket ship down to hell.

Despite it all, I felt her enter into my heart that first midnight
To settle there among my dry twigs with a great flutter of wings.

Still, there was nothing I could really give her
So I went looking for her dreams instead.

And now I spend my hours fueling colored patio lamps,
That some say are poems,
Hoping they’ll someday light her way back to the stars.

2 thoughts on “The Stolen Star Child”

  1. You really show the wondrousness of what could have been for the star child. When I read the lines about taking her visions for herself “before she even knew she had them”, it made me think of some people I know with parents like that poor Star Child’s father. Some were physically abusive and some were velvet glove abusers, the kind who cut the feathers off their children’s wings with words. But a few of these friends have fared unusually well at keeping some of the dreams that were taken away before they were even aware of them. Why weren’t the toxic parents able to steal their dreams entirely? Some of the star children I know have tremendous memories of their early years. One can even remember things that happened when she was two! It’s a biological gift, this kind of memory. When it allows a person to remember his visions for himself from before they were slashed and stolen, memory like this can be an antidote to worst spiritual robbery.


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