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What Happened to the Real Left in America?

It’s a strange country in which a Barak Obama could be thought by a large number of people to be a genuine Leftist.  Hell, Dwight Eisenhower, if he were alive today, would be forced to run to the Left of Barak Obama on many key issues.

So what happened to the real Left in America?  Not the fake or Fox Left, but the real Left?

13 thoughts on “What Happened to the Real Left in America?”

  1. Perhaps the Overton window (the political concept, not the Glenn Beck novel) has shifted more to the right, at least in many people’s minds?

    I do think that genuine leftists have a healthy presence in the U.S., even if they don’t get the media attention they deserve. How President Obama got labeled a leftist is unclear.


    1. I think you, Sheldon, and Loren are onto something to suggest that the real problem is not a lack of Leftists, but something else. A lack of media attention is very likely contributing to the problem.


  2. Our nation has gone so far to the right that anyone approaching the center from the right and, certainly, those center and left of center are considered raging communist/socialist/liberals.

    Also, almost all of our media is corporate controlled and monopolistic. Some four or five entities control most of our media — and some four or five entities control most of our financial industry.

    I’d never heard of the concept of the Overton window apart from some disparaging reviews of Beck’s “novel” and didn’t realize it was a political concept.

    I just researched it — and it’s a thing hatched out of the very right wing Mackinac Center for Public Policy out of Michigan by one of their own, Joseph Overton:

    “The late Joseph Overton was senior vice president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy at the time of his passing in 2003. Overton played a key role in establishing the Center as a growing, productive and influential think tank through his direction of its research projects, staff operations and strategic planning. He also authored a variety of Center studies and commentaries. His model of public policy change, posthumously named the “Overton Window,” has gained national currency following his passing.”

    By Jove, Overton is one gaunt steely-eyed looking individual. I wonder if warmth ever shone from his eyes.


  3. Dare I say it?? I think I might be one of them. The kind who when listening to strangers gasp, “But that’s Socialism!”, screams back,”bring it on!, single pay healthcare!, Free post-high school education!, etc.Keep the Right, ‘religious’ or otherwise out of the bedroom and people’s bodies!I think I may have 3 of the danger signs that indicate sanity, (oops, another one just creeped in; end tax cuts for the rich, in fact increase their taxes!


  4. Truth be told, we do have socialism — and a welfare state — for the wealthy and corporations.

    Corporations are allowed to privatize their profits while they socialize their losses, making all of us bear the burden of their losses while we enjoy none of the benefits they gain.


  5. There is a real left in America, but it is constantly marginalized and made invisible by the mainstream corporate media. And, part of this left gets c-opted into the Democratic party, while the other part is marginalized by its effort not to be co-opted by the Democratic Party. Catch 22. But really there is a left, with plenty of smart writers etc. and no shortage of people who could be brought into the fold of a genuine left, I think. How to do it, I wish I knew!


  6. I guess I’d have to hear your definition of “Real Left” to know if it still exists or not, but a considerable of my friends still consider themselves to be Leftists, though more and more I think of myself as being “Left Out.”


  7. Ahab, Sheldon and Loren: I think you three are probably on the right track to suggest there are still plenty of Leftists in America. It seems likely the real problem is one of organization and dissemination.


  8. The only real rugged individualists left in America are those damned lefties who cannot be organized into any sort of group.

    Whereas, those on the Right who yelp a lot about John Wayne et al, march in lock step to whatever the Fuhrer of the moment decrees.


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