But This Is 2011

I wonder if there’s anyone in our nation’s capital tonight thinking along these lines:  “So, we killed Bin Laden.  Now, does that give us enough political capital to do little or nothing about the economy and still get re-elected?”

There was a time when I wasn’t so cynical about our political heroes.  But this 2011.

6 thoughts on “But This Is 2011”

  1. Americans justly look at their pockets. But, as I heard perhaps in Spiderman, a great power implies a great responsibility 🙂

    Now seriously Americans know it. Since someone decided to pull the trigger (did he wait the ‘appropriate moment’ for his political re-election we care less: politicians are politicians, but most Europeans like Obama)…

    …I was saying since the trigger was pulled, ALL Europe (even the I-don’t-give-a-F*** Romans) have their hearts turned vs, and vibrating for, America.

    From the South MedI can feel, I may be wrong, the impact is immense.

    We feel all Americans, and we are proud of the American people.

    The killer and poisoner of folks’ souls is finally dead.


  2. I’d like to believe that Obama is not simply looking out for #1 and the outcome of the next election. On the other hand, I hope he is focusing on the next election because I surely don’t want Romney or anyone else the GOP has to offer. There has been some disappointment with Obama (including my own) for not accomplishing more … yet, he is fighting a hell of a battle against the GOP establishment and related special interests that have worked very hard for many years to widen the gap between rich and poor while awarding the rich with the tax dollars of those who can ill-afford it. Personally I think the job would suck.


  3. Impossible at this point. The Right Wing is busily engaged in rewriting history to hide the fact that George W. Bush totally dropped the ball on bin Laden and, of course, America’s corporate media is lapping up every word of their campaign.


  4. Read the foreign press. The Guardian out of London, Al-Jazeera.

    American news media is a bunch of stupid pablum.


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