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Now You Can Protest Prudishness By Posting About Yourself While Nude! Yet Another Café Philos Service to Our Readers!

As the days grow warmer in the Northern Hemisphere, I believe many of my readers will naturally wish to know, “Am I welcome to post an introduction to myself on your blog while I am nude?”

Indeed, such questions seem all but inevitable.

Of course, at Café Philos, there is an ancient and venerable tradition, dating back an entire four years, of promoting nude blogging during the warmer months.  That tradition began as a protest against the senseless tyranny of prudishness that seems to permeate American culture.

I myself believe the single best example of that prudishness was quite possibly the shocking outcry over the half-second long exposure of Janet Jackson’s nipple during the course of Superbowl XXXVIII.  About 540,000 Americans wrote the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in protest.   The FCC levied a fine in excess of a half million dollars.  And some of America’s seemingly serious-minded pundits and politicians proceeded to cluck that the incident was a clear indication of America’s moral decay.

To put the American response in context, the Superbowl was also broadcast in Canada.  But that country happened to be in such an advanced state of moral decay at the time that only about 50 Canadians protested the sight of Janet Jackson’s nipple to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.  It seems the sophisticated and finely nuanced attitude towards morality that you often find prevalent in the US sometimes gets lost in the course wilderness of Canada.

At any rate, there are numerous other incidents — all too many incidents — in which the tyranny of American prudishness has fallen like a pile of bricks on the head of common sense and decency.  I will offer only one more example here.  A man was convicted by a Virgina court for walking around nude in his own home despite the fact he was not in apparent violation of Virgina’s laws against indecent exposure, for nudity, by itself, is not an actual crime in that state.   Such is the tyranny of American prudishness that it can even override the law of the land.

Any nation has many problems, and America’s prudish streak is certainly not the most important challenge facing the country.  Consequently, some folks might justifiably criticize this blog for now and then devoting a post to criticizing it.  My response to those critics is to ask them since when have I started posting anything of importance on this blog?

On the contrary, I remain adamant in ridiculously opposing the American confusion of simple nudity with pornography and moral decay.  And my powerful first line of attack against that confusion has always been to maintain a clothing optional blog.  Thus, all readers of this blog are invited to read it in whatever state of dress or undress they wish for themselves.  I won’t mind.  I even promise I absolutely will not lose sleep at night over any personal concern I might have regarding your moral judgement in reading and/or commenting on my blog while in the buff.

Today, though, I wish to go one step further.  I wish to announce that readers are hereby invited to introduce themselves on my “About You” page while in any condition of dress or undress.

So, please allow me to assure you that, unlike many American blogs, Café Philos is clothing optional.  That is, readers are welcome to comment on this blog — and even to introduce themselves — in whatever state of dress or undress they happen to be in.

Click here to be taken to the Café Philos “About You” Page.  Happy Posting!

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