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Will the Death of Osama Bin Laden Change Much of Anything?

Even “The Great War” ended with the realization that fundamental tensions that lead to the war must be addressed.  We called it the Marshall Plan.  But there will be no addressing of the insatiable addiction for oil that made it so important to bring our guns and money to bear on another culture and land.  That will actually get worse.  These are wars of economics, not (as the right wing seems to prefer) religion. We are in three wars that derive at least indirectly from oil and it is folly to think there will not be more.  We seem to take a perverse pride in using more of the stuff. How did waste get to be patriotic?  …

And yes, Osama is dead.  He could never have acquired a following and become powerful if we did not have a strategic need to control the oil supply.  We want to think of him as evil – desperately need to think of him as evil.  And he was evil but our need to see him that way is blinding us to some other things we ought to see.

George Wiman, The Decrepit Old Fool Blog

George’s thoughtful blog post on whether the death of Bin Laden changes things might never get the full attention it deserves, for I believe it deserves quite a bit of attention.  You can find it by following this link.

4 thoughts on “Will the Death of Osama Bin Laden Change Much of Anything?”

  1. I agree — his post deserves a lot of thoughtful attention. Thanks for bringing it to mine.

    I read an article just yesterday about how the GOP House is pushing for more oil drilling from Alaska to the Gulf of Mexico and thus more raping of the land. They deliberately ignore the fact that the root of the energy problem is our dependency on oil. Period. They are not looking to save consumers’ money at the gas pump. To the contrary. They want to monopolize resources. Why develop clean green energy and risk hurting your most wealthy supporters? Especially if green energy ends up costing consumers little to nothing after the initial investment?


    1. It does not seem to matter to the GOP House that they are, by refusing to consider alternatives to oil, committing us to future wars. But I guess those wars will not involve their own sons and daughters in the fighting, so it’s all good.


  2. The C.I.A. created Bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistan to begin with. He just refused to go quietly when they no longer had any need for him.
    Big Oil owns the House and Senate in the U.S. and they now own our House of Commons.
    However the worst future wars will not be waged for oil but for water.


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